Fees for all services are invoiced in English pounds (GBP - £) and payment should be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

A: Project Management

        Project assessment and feasibility

        Designing an animal experiment

        Oversight of an animal experiment

        Data analysis

B: Occupational health and safety

C: Facility design

D: Training courses

Fee: Project-negotiated fee

E: Editing, writing and consulting services to ensure that English-language documents are written coherently and are easily readable, clear and comprehensible.

Fee:GBP10.00/100 words

F: Travel

Fee:  Time (£35.00/hour) + travel expenses (train, bus, taxi, air, and/or rental car) or use of personal car (£1.00/km).

If accommodation and meals are required, the costs are on the account of the client.

Instructions for Payment

International bank transfer into the following account:

Account Name: Dr. Arieh Bomzon
Bank: HSBC plc
Branch: Cambridge City Office Branch
Address: 63-64 St Andrews Street, PO Box 85, Cambridge, England CB2 3HZ
Account number: 32474492
Sort Code: 40-16-08
IBAN: GB19MIDL40160832474492


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